The Institute for Health Care is located at 14 Janisa Janulis Street.

The activities of the Institute for Health Protection include the health care of animals, laboratory tests, the suppression of infectious diseases and zoonoses, the protection of human health and the protection of the environment. In this way, the Institute contributes to the preservation and improvement of the “One Health” global approach. A multidisciplinary approach results in successful health care of production animals, adequate monitoring of the health status of hunting game and wild animals, targeted and timely prevention, recommendation of therapy and immunoprophylaxis.

The personnel potential of the Institute is one of the essential factors for successful work and the fulfillment of goals. In addition to experts with many years of experience, special attention is paid to the selection of doctors of veterinary medicine and technical associates and to the continuous training of personnel in the country and abroad.

The modern equipment at the Institute’s disposal enables the implementation of demanding diagnostic procedures in an optimal period of time.

In laboratory diagnostics, standard methods are applied, 86 of which are accredited according to the requirements of SRPS ISO 17025:2017.

Service for receiving materials, preparation of substrates and sterilization

Department of General Epizootiology

Department of Epizootiology and Health Protection of Poultry and Birds

Department of Epizootiology, Clinical Pathology, Pathological Morphology and Reproduction

Department of Bacteriology and Parasitology

Department of Immunology

Department of Virology