Institute (located at Smolućska 11, New Belgrade) performs collection, storage and treatment of infectious medical waste generated by the Institute, as well as collected infectious medical waste from other veterinary and health institutions where it is performed veterinary activity i primary health care, with whom the Institute concluded a contract on the collection of infectious medical waste.

The facility that houses the “Center for Infectious, Veterinary and Medical Waste Treatment” is located within the Institute and was built according to all legal requirements. norms, and has all the approvals that define this type of activity.


The management of infectious medical waste carried out by the Institute includes the following activities:

  • sorting of infectious waste and used sharp objects at the place of origin;
  • collection and transport of infectious waste in special containers and specialized vehicles;
  • admission of infectious medical waste at the location of the Institute, temporary storage and preparation for treatment;
  • waste treatment in an autoclave;
  • disposal of shredded residues in a separate container;
  • disinfection of used packaging/containers for waste transport.


The transporter of infectious medical waste is obliged to keep records of each transport carried out. The movement of waste is followed by the Document on movement of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is transported separately. The waste carrier is obliged to keep the completed Hazardous Waste Movement Document permanently.


Adrijan Ivanović, technical associate
Contact: 064/8080-930