The service was established in 2005. year, as a separate organizational work unit with the aim of harmonizing the organizational structure and functioning of the work of the Institute with the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO ICE 17025:2006 standards.

Services for receiving materials, preparation of substrates and sterilization receive materials, review and record all requests for testing at the Institute, as well as prepare test orders that accompany samples to the laboratory. As it is often a matter of pathological and infectious material, HTZ measures must be applied when handling the samples, labeling them and distributing them to laboratories.

Applying legal regulations, instructions and procedures of the quality system, which precisely define what constitutes a sample for a specific laboratory test, employees control the quality of the delivered material when receiving samples.

The service also, in accordance with the instructions of the quality system, forms an examination report in the process of examining the state of health and cause of death, creates records, distributes and archives the examination report.

The service includes washing and sterilization of laboratory utensils and accessories, and preparation of nutrient media used in the Institute’s laboratories.

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