Head of the Department of Virology
Dr. sci.vet.med. Vesna Milićević, research associate
Phone: 011 / 2851096
Fax: 011 / 2851089
E-mail: virusologija@nivs.rs


Areas of work :

  • Diagnostics of animal viral diseases.
  • Development and improvement of virological diagnostic methods.
  • Participation in scientific research projects.


Main activities :

  • Virological diagnostics (virus isolation, FAT).
  • Serological-immunological diagnosis of viral infections of animals (ELISA, IFAT, AGID, VN, HI test).
  • Molecular diagnosis of viral diseases (PCR, RT-PCR, Real-Time PCR, Real-Time RT-PCR, RFLP).
  • Control and monitoring programs based on virological tests.
  • Introduction of new diagnostic methods.
  • Organization of interlaboratory comparative tests of laboratories at the national level, as well as confirmatory tests of findings obtained in other laboratories.


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