Head of the Epizootiology and Pig Health Care Department
dr. sci. Vet. honey Božidar Savić, senior research associate


The department for the health care of pigs provides effective diagnostics of diseases of all production categories and all necessary observations related to animals and their housing and nutrition, i.e. remediation of unfavorable conditions, therapy, disinfection and necessary corrections, i.e. prophylaxis of a non-specific and specific character.

Specialists from other areas of activity of the institute are involved in the Department’s activities: bacteriologists, virologists, pathologists, parasitologists, who, through teamwork, contractually cooperate with a large number of work organizations dealing with primary pig production. At the same time, the experts of this team work to solve the health problems imposed by infectious, parasitic and production diseases in all production categories of pigs in organized production.

In addition to professional and operational work, the Department’s researcher is engaged in scientific research in the field of basic and applied research funded by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia.

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