Head of the Department of General Epizootiology
Dr. sci.vet.med. Slobodan Stanojević, research associate
Phone: 011 2851096
Fax: 011 2851096
E-mail: slobodan.vet@gmail.com



Areas of work :

  • Epizootiological issues in the field of animal health protection and food safety
  • Monitoring the occurrence of infectious diseases
  • Suppression and eradication of infectious diseases
  • Assessment and evaluation of animal health status
  • Examination and analysis of disease risk in animal populations
  • Participation in national programs of control and supervision
  • Research planning and statistical data processing
  • DDD jobs as part of activities to suppress and eradicate infectious diseases
  • Organized removal of medical (veterinary) waste

Main activities :

  • Cooperation with the veterinary services of large farms on the basis of contractual cooperation in order to control and monitor the health status and prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, maintain the acquired status, as well as eradicate certain infectious diseases.
  • Cooperation with field veterinary service.
  • Cooperation with hunting organizations, the Hunting Association of Serbia, and JP “Srbija Šume” through the implementation of joint projects to improve the health of game animals.
  • Assistance to the veterinary inspection in its activities to monitor, control and eradicate infectious diseases.


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