Head of the Department for Epizootiology and Health Protection of Poultry and Birds
Dr. sci.vet.med. Ljiljana Spalevic
Phone: 011 2851096
Fax: 011 2851096
E-mail: tnivs@nivs.rs


Areas of work :

  • Working with the poultry industry as support in the application of innovative solutions in order to develop production, health, well-being, safety and high quality products.
  • As part of industrial production, we mutually spread new knowledge, research knowledge and new directions in the detection and suppression of diseases.
  • We introduce new knowledge regarding nutritional solutions as well as preventive directions in improving health.
  • We improve the environment in which we live through the application of new biosecurity solutions on and off farms.
  • We are working on the introduction of reliable and more economical laboratory tests, we adhere to the gold standard in diagnostics: isolation of the causative agent and biological testing.
  • Together we monitor new technological solutions in a closed production system.


Main activities :

  • Clinical, pathological-morpho-histological examinations.
  • Bacteriological, mycological and parasitological tests.
  • Serological-virological tests.
  • Research in the field of controlling the movement of viruses in wild birds: Avian influenza, Newcastle disease and West Nile virus.
  • Research in the field of application of the egg production program in an extensive system and new technological requirements in order to obtain edible egg products of recognizable quality.


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