Head of the Department of Epizootiology and Fish Health Protection
Dr. sci. Vet. honey Vladimir Radosavljević, senior research associate
Phone: 011 / 2850640
Fax: 011 / 285 1096
E-mail: vladimiradosavljevic@gmail.com


The department was formed in 1980/81. years.

1993. gets the status of the Leading Coordinating Laboratory for Fish Diseases for FR Yugoslavia.

2007. becomes the National Reference Laboratory for Fish Diseases.

2009. By the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management – Veterinary Administration, the Department is authorized to carry out laboratory diagnostics of fish diseases in samples of pathological material, storage of reference sera and standard reagents and isolates, introduction of new diagnostic methods, testing of diagnostic reagents and organization of inter-laboratory comparative tests laboratory at the national level, as well as confirmatory tests of findings obtained in other laboratories.

The activity of the Department includes scientific – research work and specialist – professional work.

The Department conducts diagnostic tests of biological material originating from fish: serological-immunological, virological, bacteriological, parasitological, mycological and molecular.

The aforementioned tests are performed using standard and internationally recognized methods.

Most of the applied methods are accredited according to the SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 standard.


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