Head of the Service for sampling and receiving materials

Svetlana Vuković, vet. spec.
E-mail: prijem@nivs.rs

The service was established in 2005. year, as a separate organizational work unit with the aim of harmonizing the organizational structure and functioning of the work of the Institute with the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO ICE 17025:2006 standards.

Employees of the Service carry out sampling and receipt of materials for analysis, keep records of sampled and received samples, take care of safe handling of samples, are obliged to apply HTZ measures and equipment, distribute samples for analysis, write, issue and distribute test reports and billing services.

Sampling is carried out based on the request of the Republic Veterinary Inspection and the request of the service user based on the contractual obligation. The method of forming the sample is regulated by law, depending on the type of sample, method of packaging, packaging, amount of sampled material and testing method.
As part of the service, the preparation of the substrate for microbiological tests of the Department for Testing Foods of Animal Origin and the Department for Nutrition and Animal Feed Testing is also carried out.

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