Head of the Radiation Hygiene Department

Mr. Mihajlo Vićentijević

The Department of Radiation Hygiene was founded in 1986. year and functions as a radiometric laboratory in the public veterinary service where it performs veterinary-sanitary supervision in border traffic (export, import, transit) namely: animal feed, foodstuffs and articles of general use of animal origin.

The activity of the Department takes place in two directions:

  • scientific research work (basic, applied and development research)
  • specialist-professional work (veterinary-sanitary supervision/control); with implementation in three areas:
    – radiation hygiene controls under regular conditions
    – radiation hygiene controls in emergency conditions; and
    – radioecology.

The department carries out its activities in a dedicated space adapted to the specific conditions of work with radioactive substances. Nuclear and laboratory equipment consists of a certain number of first category nuclear gauges and laboratory equipment for stationary and mobile use. Most of the applied methods are accredited according to the SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 standard.
Based on the study designed according to the radiation standard and the application to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the Department is:

  • by decision of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture number 5/0-04-001/016, dated 18.02.1993. appointed as the coordinating laboratory in the field of radiation hygiene and protection in biotechnology for the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,
  • by the decision of the Ministry of Health no. 530-02-613/91-04 from 31.10.1991. it is determined that he can carry out radiological examinations of foodstuffs and items of general use.
  • by the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia No. 323-02-2062/94-05 dated 26.05.1995. it is determined that it meets the requirements for performing laboratory tests of veterinary-sanitary, health and quality correctness of products and raw materials of animal origin and that it meets the conditions for performing laboratory tests of animal feed, raw materials and additives to animal feed in order to determine their health correctness.
  • by decision of the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Policy no. 3/6-02-3082/2000, dated 11.07.2001. year, based on art. 6. paragraph 3. The Law on Protection from Ionizing Radiation determined the Department for Radiation Hygiene to carry out work in the field of protection from ionizing radiation – gamma spectrochemical tests of radionuclide content in environmental samples.
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