Head of Drug Testing Department

Dr. sci. Vet. honey Vujadin Vuković
E-mail: vujadin.vukovic@gmail.com

The drug testing department has a long tradition in our Institute. Professionalism and extremely expert knowledge of problems in laboratory and clinical testing of veterinary drugs contributed to business connections with a number of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

Medicines and Medical Devices Act 2004 prescribed the establishment of the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Serbia, which significantly narrowed the scope of work of the Department for Drug Control. Qualitative and quantitative analyzes of raw materials and finished medicines are currently being carried out, through cooperation with other departments at the Institute, at the request of the manufacturer. Likewise, at the request of the manufacturer, technical documentation on the quality of drugs (Part II) is prepared for the purposes of creating files for the registration of drugs for veterinary use.

In addition to specialist work, the Department carries out scientific and research projects

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