Head of the Department for Testing Foods of Animal Origin

Dr. sci.vet.med. Jasna Kureljušić, research associate
Tel: 011/7191273
Fax: 011/7191274
E-mail: viljema.nivs@nivs.rs, jasnakureljusic@yahoo.com


The department carries out laboratory control of the hygienic correctness of foodstuffs of animal origin based on the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health.

In addition to specialist work, the Department’s experts also engage in scientific and research work in the field of veterinary sanitary control, health and quality of raw materials, products and foodstuffs of animal origin.

In the Department, microbiological and sensory analyzes (organoleptic) of foodstuffs are carried out, as well as control for the presence of antibiotic and sulfonamide residues in foodstuffs, products and raw materials of animal origin.

The samples analyzed are meat and meat products, milk and milk products, fish and fish products, eggs and egg products, honey and honey products. In cooperation with the Department of Bacteriology and Parasitology, Chemistry and Radiation Hygiene, tests are carried out for trichinellosis, the presence of fish parasites and other parasites, physical and chemical tests (composition and quality), the presence of other residues and the presence of contaminants (toxic elements, radionuclides).

The department performs analyzes in accordance with recommendations and standards on food safety. The legislation used by the department in its work is currently valid Law and Regulations that are in force and EU legislation at the request of service users. Most of the applied methods are accredited according to the SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 standard.

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