A workshop on laboratory diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) by ELISA tests for the detection of antibodies, antigens and serotyping within component 1.4 of the EuFMD plan for the Balkans was held at IZSLER, Brescia, Italy, which is the OIE/FAO reference laboratory for foot-and-mouth disease.

The goal of this workshop, which is only one of a series of planned ones, is to raise the readiness of the countries of the Western Balkans to a higher level in case of foot-and-mouth disease by preparing a crisis plan for the National Reference Laboratories (NRL).

Participants of the workshop were representatives of the National League of Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Serbia.

The representative of NIVS, which is the National Reference Laboratory for FMD, was lab. technician Danijela Matijević.

After her return from Italy, Daniela held training at the Institute for all employees who are directly or indirectly involved in the diagnosis of foot and mouth disease.

The result of this training is an expanded scope of diagnostic tests on FMD tests for proving FMD virus antigens for serotypes O, A, C, Asia1, for proving NSP antibodies and SPCE for serotyping A, O, Asia1.

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