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The Medilab Secure Project is a project that deals with vector-borne viral diseases of animals and humans, primarily those transmitted by mosquitoes, financed by the Development and Cooperation Fund of the European Union, DEVCO/EuropeAid.

19 countries that are not members of the EU and belong to the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions are included in the project managed by the Pasteur Institute from Paris.
There are 4 working groups within the project: human virology, animal virology, medical entomology and public health group.
Each working group is further divided into three subgroups – Balkan, North African and Black Sea.
The Medilab Secure project was chosen by the Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine of Serbia, as the most prominent veterinary institution in Serbia, to be the representative of Serbia in the animal virology working group.
The head of this working group is Dr. Miguel Angel Clavero from the CISA-INIA Research Center, Spain. The goal of our working group is to improve the diagnosis of zoonotic viral diseases, raise the level of biosecurity, harmonize diagnostic procedures and create a network of laboratories.
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