The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development has published a CALL for talented young researchers – students of doctoral academic studies to participate in scientific research projects implemented by accredited scientific research organizations in the current research cycle.

All doctoral academic studies students can apply for this call, regardless of whether they have previously applied at their institutes/faculties/universities for inclusion in the current research cycle.

The text of the Invitation with the Application form can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website:, which states the conditions of participation , the method of application, as well as the required documentation (with the fact that the diploma/certificate of completed faculty with the specified average grade is submitted in a certified photocopy).

The deadline for submitting an application is the 16th. march 2018 years.

After a detailed analysis of the results of this call, the Ministry will, in accordance with the budget possibilities, decide on calls that would aim to include other groups of researchers that are not included in this call.