A group of researchers that covers scientific-research and specialist-professional work in the field of radiation hygiene and protection of biotechnology, with appropriate space and nuclear instrumentation-equipment, has the status of a Department within the Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine of Serbia and operates under the name:



It was founded in 1986. year and functions as a radiometric laboratory in the public veterinary service where it performs veterinary-sanitary supervision in border traffic (export, import, transit) namely:

  • fodder
  • foodstuffs and
  • items of general use.

“LABRAH” (abbreviated – laboratory for radiation hygiene) operates as a Department of the Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine of Serbia in a dedicated space at the location of Novi Belgrade, Smolućska 3, in business premises adapted to the specific conditions of work with radioactive substances in the field of scientific-research and specialist-professional work .


Nuclear and laboratory equipment in “LABRAH” consists of a certain number of first category nuclear gauges and laboratory equipment for stationary and mobile use. The powerful computerized system for gamma spectrometric analysis with two detectors of high resolution stands out in particular, which is in constant function of testing the content of radionuclides in environmental samples, which enable «LABRAH» to quickly and efficiently provide services according to the highest global and European criteria and standards.


The activity of “LABRAH” takes place in two directions:

  1. scientific research work (basic, applied and development research) i
  2. specialist-professional work (veterinary-sanitary supervision/control); with implementation in three areas:
    • radiation hygiene controls under regular conditions;
    • radiation hygiene controls in emergency conditions; i
    • radioecology.


For the implementation of complex and broad activities, “LABRAH” has a minimum number of highly skilled and technical personnel , namely:

  • Mihajlo Vićentijević, Master of Veterinary Sciences in the field of radiation hygiene and protection of biotechnology (doctor of veterinary medicine);
  • Dubravka Vuković- Milicevic expert associate – specialist in physical chemistry for the field of radiochemistry (B.Sc. Bioengineering);

In order to transfer and apply the results of scientific and research work in practice, “LABRAH” has constantly developed and improved specialist work and direct cooperation with economic organizations and private companies since its establishment. The activity was aimed at fulfilling basic tasks in the field of radiation control and protection, and included:

  • cooperation with inspection bodies at the federal and republic level (veterinary, sanitary, market);
  • cooperation with the field veterinary service;
  • contractual cooperation with primary livestock production;
  • cooperation with expert-import companies;
  • other types of cooperation.


As of the current legislation, the Department for Radiation Hygiene operates on the basis of the following laws:

  1. Law on Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security

(“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 95/2018 and 10/2019)

Rulebook on the limits of radionuclide content in drinking water, foodstuffs, animal feed, medicines, items of general use, construction materials and other goods put into circulation – SL.Glasnik RS, 36/18.

Rulebook on the limits of radioactive contamination of the environment and methods of decontamination – Official Gazette 38/11.

  1. Law on Veterinary Medicine

(“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 91/2005, 30/2010, 93/2012 and 17/2019 – other laws)