Head of Department

Dr. Aleksandra Tasić, research associate

Associates at the Department

Master chemist Tanja Bijelić


Technical associates at the Department

Snezana Stanić, technical associate

Angelia Piper, Technical Associate

Lidija Jovanović, technical associate

Aleksandra Gavrilović, technical associate

Vesna Milosavljević, hygienist


Description of the main activities of the Department

The department deals with the testing of physical and chemical parameters of the quality of food and animal feed. The Department’s activities include monitoring the quality and safety control of products that are distributed on our market through border control and control of the entities themselves after production. Control parameters include monitoring of legal regulations. The examination primarily refers to foodstuffs of animal origin, as well as food used for feeding animals.


Methods applied at the Department:






Atomic absorption spectroscopy

Liquid chromatography

Gas chromatography




You can view the detailed scope of laboratory activities at this LINK .