(animal food, food of vegetable origin, milk and milk products)

Date: May/October

Number of participants: 5

Duration: 3 days

Price: 400 EUR (in dinar equivalent at the mid-rate of the NBS plus VAT)

Brief description of the training: The training consists of a theoretical and practical part and includes:

  • Introduction; The importance of screening tests in practice
  • Test method – selection (AFM1, AFB1, DON, ZEA, OHRA, T-2/HT-2, FUM), theoretical presentation
  • Preparation of samples for extraction, extraction procedure – practical work
  • Performing the test in the laboratory
  • Internal quality control
  • Importance of external quality control and comparison with the standard method
  • Interpretation of test results in relation to the type of sample and applicable regulations; Clinical significance of the results (acceptability of the “NOEL” approach).

Application deadline: 01.4./01.09.

Send the application to the address ksenija_n@yahoo.com