Place of examination: RADIATION HYGIENE DEPARTMENT, Highway No. 3, 11070 Novi Beograd, Veterinary – sanitary and phytosanitary examination supervision

R. B.


Subject of examination/

material / product _

Type of test and/or characteristic to be measured (test technique) About dog measurements (where applicable)  

Reference document

Food, animal feed, drinking water, by-products of the food industry, mineral fertilizers  

Gamma spectrometric determination of natural and produced radionuclides (gamma spectrometry)



60-2000 keV

A Guidebook, IAEA 1)



Reference document Test method reference/name
A Guidebook, IAEA 1) Technical report Series No. 295, MEASUREMENT OF RADIONUCLIDES IN FOOD AND THE ENVIRONMENT – A Guidebook, IAEA, Vienna, 1989.

STI/DOC/10/295, ISBN 92-0-125189-0, ISSN 0074-1914, Annex I, 47-60.