Serial number The name of the method Type of sample
1. Crude protein content Food for animals
2. Calcium content Food for animals
3. Total phosphorus content Food for animals
4. Moisture content (dry matter) Food for animals
5. Fat content Food for animals
6. Crude ash content Food for animals
7. Cellulose content Food for animals
8. Carbohydrate content Food for animals
9. Energetic value Food for animals
10. Content of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid Food for animals
11. Acid level Food for animals
12. Free fatty acids (FFA) Food for animals
13. Acid number Food for animals
14. Choline chloride content Food for animals
15. Lysine hydrochloride content Food for animals
16. Protein digestibility in acid pepsin Food for animals
17. Digestible proteins Food for animals
18. Indigestible proteins Food for animals
19. Sodium content Food for animals
20. Sodium chloride content Food for animals
21. Free acetic acid Food for animals
22. Free butyric acid Food for animals
23. Bound acetic acid Food for animals
24. Bound butyric acid Food for animals
25. Milk acid Food for animals
26. Total acids Food for animals
27. PH value Food for animals
28. Non-protein nitrogen content Food for animals
29. Peroxide number Food for animals
30. Urease activity Food for animals
31. Copper content Food for animals
32. Iron content Food for animals
33. Manganese content Food for animals
34. Zinc content Food for animals
35. Magnesium content Food for animals
36. Arsenic content Food for animals
37. Lead content Food for animals
38. Cadmium content Food for animals
39. Mercury content Food for animals
40. Non-dioxin-like PCBs (sum of PCB 28, PCB 52, PCB 101, PCB 138, PCB 153 and PCB 180) Food for animals
41. Determination of propranochlorine pesticide residues (GC/MS) Food for animals
42. Copper content (FAAS) Food
43. Iron content (FAAS) Food
44. Manganese content (FAAS) Food
45. Zinc content (FAAS) Food
46. Magnesium content (FAAS) Food
47. Arsenic content (GFAAS) Food
48. Lead content (GFAAS) Food
49. Cadmium content GFAAS) Food
50. Mercury Content (CVAAS) Food
51. Non-dioxin-like PCBs (sum of PCB 28, PCB 52, PCB 101, PCB 138, PCB 153 and PCB 180) Food
52. Determination of residues of organochlorine pesticides Food
53. Determination of fipronil (GC/MS) Food
54. Determination of organophosphate pesticides Food
55. Determination of fungicides and insecticides Food
56. Histamine content (ELISA) A fish
57. Melamine content (ELISA) Milk
58. Total protein content Food
59. Moisture content (dry matter) Food
60. Total fat content Food
61. Saturated fatty acids Food
62. Total ash content Food
63. Carbohydrate content Food
64. Energetic value Food
65. Sodium chloride (salt) content Food
66. PH value Food
67. Collagen content in total proteins food (meat)
68. Ratio water content/protein content food (meat)
69. Calcium content food (meat)
70. SO 2 content food (meat)
71. Nitrite content Food (meat, fish)
72. Total phosphorus content Food (meat, fish)
73. Content of free fatty acids Food (meat, fat, eggs)
74. Peroxide number Food (meat, fat)
75. Content of insoluble impurities food (fats)
76. Glaze content (per gross weight) food (fish)
77. Glaze content (by net weight) food (fish)
78. Mass of meat in canned fish food (fish)
79. Water content in oil food (fish)
80. Water content Food (milk powder)
81. Titration acidity Food (milk powder)
82. Milk fat content in dry matter Food (milk powder)
83. Lactose content Food (milk and whey powder)
84. Fat-free dry matter content food (butter)
85. Water content food (butter)
86. Glucose and fructose content MED
87. Sucrose content MED
88. Hydroxymethylfurfural content MED
89. Water content (Refractometry) MED
90. Acidity MED
91. Diastase activity (Spectrophotometry) MED
92. Content of substances insoluble in water MED
93. Electrical conductivity MED
94. Dry matter content POLLEN POWDER
95. Water content ROYAL BUTTERFLY
96. Dry matter content ROYAL BUTTERFLY
97. Protein content ROYAL BUTTERFLY
98. Content of propolis extract in alcoholic solution PROPOLIS
99. Dry matter content PROPOLIS

Food – Meat and meat products; milk and milk products; fish and fishery products; honey and bee products; fruits and vegetables and their products; cereals