The scientific research activity of the Institute is carried out within projects financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, as well as within projects with institutions from abroad.

The Institute’s researchers also collaborate in the field of scientific research with individual research groups and/or project teams from the country and abroad.

Research results are applied in the economy, in cooperation with producers. As a result of scientific research, the development of new methods of disease diagnosis, detection and isolation of infectious agents, development of measures for eradication, prevention and suppression of animal diseases, development of vaccines, development of health control measures, etc.



  • COST FA1305 “The EU Aquaponics Hub: Realizing Sustainable Integrated Fish and Vegetable Production for the EU”. Researcher: dr Vladimir Radosavljević
  • FAO TCP/RER/3402 “Assistance to Western Balkan Countries for Improving Compliance with International Standards for Aquatic Animal Health”. – Researcher: dr Vladimir Radosavljević
  • Support for the Control/Eradication of Classical Swine Fever and Rabies in the Republic of Serbia, Project Fiche – IPA centralized programs
  • EuFMD Pillar I – Improve readiness for FMD crisis management in Member States, Component 1.4, Balkans, to support the development of FMD emergency management capacity in the Balkan region
  • MediLabSecure Project – Preventing Vector Borne Diseases around the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions by creating new networks. The project is funded by the European Union DEVCO/EuropeAid (Contract Number: IFS/2013/330 961), 2014-2017 – Researchers: Dr. Vesna Milićević, Dr. Ljubiša Veljović, dvm Jelena Maksimović-Zorić, Dr. Dobrila Jakić-Dimić
  • “Arbovirus Monitoring, Surveillance and Research – capacity building on mosquitoes and biting midges (AMSAR)” SCOPES project no.160429 – Researchers: Dr. Ivan Pavlović, MSc Oliver Radanović
  • COST FA1401: European network on the factors affecting the gastro-intestinal microbial balance and the impact on the health status of pigs (PIGUTNET) – Researchers: Dr Ksenija Nešić
  • CA15112: Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes – European network (FAANG Europe) – Researchers: Dr. Radosavljević,židar Savić, Dobrila Jakić-Jakić, dr. Ksenija Nešić, dr. Jadranka Žutić, Ph.D. Vesna Milićević, dvm Jelena Maksimović-Zorić
  • CA COST Action 15134: Synergy for preventing damaging behavior in group housed pigs and chickens – Researchers: Dr. Božidar Savić, dr. Danka Maslić-Strižak, PhD Ljiljana Spalevic
  • Global Sewage Surveillance Project – global surveillance of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance from sewage – Researcher: dr Vladimir Radosavljević
  • TC Project RER/9/137 – Enhancing National Capabilities for Response to Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies (Component: Re-enforcing Veterinary Authorities to Respond to Nuclear Emergencies) – Researchers: dr Vesna Milićević, PhD Ljubiša Veljović, dvm Jelena Maksimović-Zorić



  • TR 31053Application of new biotechnological solutions for raising cattle, sheep and goats in order to obtain biologically valuable and health-safe food
  • TR 31075Improving the production capacity of carp ( Cyprinus carpio L) through nutrition and selection programs
  • TR 31011The influence of the quality of components in the diet of cyprinids on the quality of meat, losses and economy of production
  • TR 31083Reducing sodium content in meat products – technological possibilities, quality characteristics and health aspects
  • TR 31079Introduction and evaluation of a new molecular method for rapid detection of the mec A gene of staphylococci directly in swabs taken from humans, animals and their environment
  • ID 46009Improvement and development of new technological procedures in the production of foodstuffs of animal origin in order to obtain quality and safe competitive products on the world market
  • ID 46009Improving the production and marketing of cream for the purpose of a safe, standard, high-quality and competitive product
  • ID 46009Improvement of new technological procedures in the production of honey, wax and pollen powder in order to obtain quality and recognizable products in Serbia
  • TR 31084Monitoring the health status of wild animals and introducing new biotechnological procedures in the detection of infectious and zoonotic agents – risk analysis for human health, domestic and wild animals and environmental contamination
  • TR 33007Development and application of molecular methods based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the rapid and direct identification of strains of Newcastle disease in poultry and testing the immunogenicity of subunit vaccines prepared from their antigens
  • TR 37015Ecological and virological research on the presence and spread of emerging zoonoses in nature reserves of the Republic of Serbia
  • TR 31062Improving the health and well-being of highly productive cows by identifying and eliminating stressogenic factors
  • ID 46002Molecular-genetic and ecophysiological research to protect indigenous animal genetic resources, preserve welfare, health and reproduction of farmed animals and produce safe food
  • TR 31034Selected biological hazards for the safety/quality of food of animal origin and control measures from the farm to the consumer