Head of Department

Dr. Sci. Vet. honey Božidar Savić, scientific advisor

Associates at the Department

Dr. Sci. Vet. honey Branislav Kureljušić, senior research associate

Dr. Sci. Vet. honey Nemanja Jezdimirović, research associate

Dr. Vet. Bojan Milovanovic

Technical associates at the Department

Miloš Radulović, veterinary technician


Description of the main activities of the Department

The activity of the Department includes research and specialist work. The department deals with clinical, pathoanatomical, pathohistological, immunohistochemical and molecular diagnostics of domestic and wild animal diseases, as well as reproductive pathology. Work at the department is organized through field and laboratory activities.


Activities at the Department:

  • Pathoanatomical diagnosis (autopsy) of domestic and wild animals;
  • Pathohistological, cytological, immunohistochemical and molecular diagnostics;
  • Diagnostics of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies in cattle, sheep and goats;
  • Detection of tetracycline in bone tissue of wild animals in order to control oral vaccination of wild animals;
  • Cooperation with veterinary services and primary producers in order to control and monitor health status, providing expert opinions and proposals in order to suppress and prevent infectious and non-infectious diseases;
  • Reproduction control and suppression of sterility on farms;
  • Scientific and research activity within the implementation of the “Agreement on the implementation and financing of scientific research work of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia”, as well as other scientific and research projects financed from domestic and foreign funds;
  • Organization of trainings for clinical, pathoanatomical and laboratory diagnostics of diseases.