Head of Service

Dr. Vet. Svetlana Vuković, vet. spec.


Associates in the Service

Dr. Vet. Milorad Zivkovic

Dr. Vet. Đorđe Guzijan


Technical associates in the Service

Nikola Tričković, veterinary technician

Molnija Povolni, veterinary technician

Marija Đukić, veterinary technician


Description of basic activities in the Service

The service for sampling and receiving materials was formed in 2005. as a separate organizational unit in the Food and Drug Control Institute. Employees of the Service perform sampling, receive materials, keep records of sampled and received samples, take care of safe handling of samples, distribute samples and dispatch test reports.

Sampling is performed based on the requirements of the Republic Veterinary Inspection, the Border Veterinary Inspection, the Border Phytosanitary Inspection, the service users’ requests based on their contractual obligations and the requests of natural persons. Sampling is carried out according to the SRPS EN ISO 18593: 2018 and SRPS EN ISO 17604: 2016 standards . The service has dedicated cars with cooling chambers for transporting samples , which enables the samples to be delivered to the laboratory under prescribed conditions and in the shortest possible time.

The service for sampling and receiving materials makes the first and, as a rule, the only contact with service users, which ensures the appropriate credibility of laboratory analysis. Professionalism, courtesy and communication at this level of cooperation is what goes without saying. Permanent staff education and work control ensure confidence in the highest quality of services.

List of accredited sampling methods:


Serial number The name of the method Type of sample
1 SRPS EN ISO 18593: 2018 Samples from surfaces in the food production and food handling area
2 SRPS EN ISO 17604:2016. Samples from carcasses of slaughtered animals